Heal Dermatitis, Acne and Rosacea Yourself

Obtain the radiant glow of clear skin you always wanted armed with the power of the Cleanse, Moisturize and Refresh Method and our Silver Lining Ion Masks and Gloves while supporting people living with Severe Mental Illness (SMI)

How it Works



Apply the Cleanse, Moisturize and Refresh Method

Wear our Silver Lining Ion Masks or Gloves

Our Silver Ion Masks and Gloves will eliminate bacteria by providing a skin treatment with silver ions and wick away sweat from the surface of your skin

Perform this routine once a day using natural oils as a gentle cleanser and moisturizer 

Extra Features You Will Appreciate


Silver Ion Masks and Gloves are made of breathable lightweight fabric (our one-way vented option facilitates air flow out but not into the mask)


Silver ion fabric offers superior wicking capability. When moisture hits the fabric surface, it spreads out and evaporates creating a cooling sensation


Ag+ ions kill 99.9% of bacteria destroying their capacity to produce energy, obtain resources from the environment and replicate

Our Silver Ion Masks and Gloves are made from 100% soft cotton fabric coated with silver ion nanoparticles

Silver Ion Masks can be worn around the neck and can be taken on and off easily

Around the Clock Comfort

Curved design and flexible nose clips conform to the natural contours of the face

Seals well creating anti-fog protection for eyeglass and sunglass wearers

Withstands up to 50 hand washes

I wore a Silver Lining Mask for 4 hours while I was having my hair done. It was fantastic! I can actually breathe in it. I love it and it's a lot sexier than my other mask. I'm rockn' my mask!

—Ceci Carmichael, TV Personality

This is my go-to mask when I know I'm going to be meeting with clients most of the day. The cleansing and cooling effect it has on my skin has been wonderful. It's comfortable, stylish and functional. I love this mask!

—Adina Reisman, Fashion Consultant and Stylist

This is the only mask that I genuinely forget I have on. It keeps my face cool and dry all day, the fabric is beyond comfortable and the nose clip keeps the mask in place when I talk with clients. I have had zero breakouts wearing this mask and it's now the only one I wear!

—TJ Stanton, Founder of Hudson Dorms

Be in Your Power and Be Free of Skin Issues

Treat your sensitive skin with care and supply yourself with the right supply of masks or gloves.

  • For every 3 masks or gloves you buy, get an additional 1 free
  • Buy 200 or more masks or 500 or more gloves and get your own custom logo and packaging
  • Support the creation of a Sales Team composed of people living with SMI
  • Free expedited shipping (1 to 3 days) on orders $60 and up
  • Free standard shipping (3 to 5 days) on orders $10 and up

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